2021 Survey Results

All CTR worksites are listed below. Those which are shown with a blue font hyperlink are worksites for which 2021 Survey Results are currently available. Just click on the hyperlink to get your report.

Common Acronyms

CWW - Compressed Work Week
GHG - Green House Gas
NDAT - Non-Drive Alone Trips
VMT - Vehicle Miles Traveled


Administrative Office of the Courts_E10116
Auditor's Office_E11502
Auditor's Office_E11668


Board for Community and Technical Colleges_E12062
Board for Volunteer Firefighters and Reserve Officers_E11940
Board of Accountancy_E11957
Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals_E11791
Board of Tax Appeals_E11965


Caseload Forecast Council_E11973
City of Lacey_E11056
City of Olympia_E12500
City of Olympia_E12534
City of Olympia_E12542
City of Olympia_E12583
City of Olympia_E12666
City of Olympia_E12674
City of Tumwater_E11049
Columbia Capital Medical Center_E11080
Commission on African American Affairs_E11981
Commission on Asian Pacific American Affairs_E13303
Commission on Hispanic Affairs_E12708
Commission on Judicial Conduct_E12716
Commission on Salaries for Elected Officials_E12724
Conservation Commission_E11635
Consolidated Technology Services_E10991
Consolidated Technology Services_E13987
County Road Administration Board_E12096
Criminal Justice Training Commission_E12732


Dept. of Agriculture_E10132
Dept. of Agriculture_E12740
Dept. of Agriculture_E13748
Dept. of Archaeology and Historic Preservation_E12765
Dept. of Commerce_E12690
Dept. of Corrections_E11460
Dept. of Corrections_E12773
Dept. of Corrections_E12781
Dept. of Corrections_E12799
Dept. of Corrections_E12807
Dept. of Corrections_E12815
Dept. of Corrections_E13565
Dept. of Early Learning_E13904
Dept. of Ecology_E11361
Dept. of Ecology_E12849
Dept. of Employment Security_E10272
Dept. of Employment Security_E12179
Dept. of Employment Security_E12856
Dept. of Employment Security_E12864
Dept. of Employment Security_E13870
Dept. of Enterprise Services_E10983
Dept. of Enterprise Services_E12120
Dept. of Enterprise Services_E12138
Dept. of Enterprise Services_E12146
Dept. of Enterprise Services_E12153
Dept. of Enterprise Services_E12161
Dept. of Enterprise Services_E12195
Dept. of Enterprise Services_E13002
Dept. of Enterprise Services_E13013
Dept. of Environmental and Land Use Hearings_E12906
Dept. of Financial Institutions_E11783
Dept. of Fish & Wildlife_E10041
Dept. of Fish & Wildlife_E12922
Dept. of Fish & Wildlife_E12930
Dept. of Fish & Wildlife_E12948
Dept. of Fish & Wildlife_E12955
Dept. of Fish & Wildlife_E12963
Dept. of Health_E11809
Dept. of Labor & Industries_E11007
Dept. of Labor & Industries_E11742
Dept. of Labor & Industries_E11619
Dept. of Labor & Industries_E13581
Dept. of Licensing_E10280
Dept. of Licensing_E11270
Dept. of Licensing_E11288
Dept. of Licensing_E13599
Dept. of Licensing_E13607
Dept. of Natural Resources_E10264
Dept. of Natural Resources_E13615
Dept. of Natural Resources_E13623
Dept. of Natural Resources_E14068
Dept. of Natural Resources_E14084
Dept. of Retirement Systems_E11734
Dept. of Revenue_E10454
Dept. of Revenue_E10892
Dept. of Revenue_E14001
Dept. of Social & Health Services_E10200
Dept. of Social & Health Services_E10298
Dept. of Social & Health Services_E10306
Dept. of Social & Health Services_E10629
Dept. of Social & Health Services_E10728
Dept. of Social & Health Services_E10793
Dept. of Social & Health Services_E11625
Dept. of Social & Health Services_E11817
Dept. of Social & Health Services_E12112
Dept. of Social & Health Services_E12333
Dept. of Social & Health Services_E13130
Dept. of Social & Health Services_E13649
Dept. of Social & Health Services_E13664
Dept. of Social & Health Services_E13755
Dept. of Social & Health Services_E13888
Dept. of Social & Health Services_E13912
Dept. of Social & Health Services_E14035
Dept. of Social & Health Services_E14557
Dept. of Social & Health Services_E15988
Dept. of Transportation_E10066
Dept. of Transportation_E10513
Dept. of Transportation_E10835
Dept. of Transportation_E10850
Dept. of Transportation_E11296
Dept. of Transportation_E11304
Dept. of Transportation_E11452
Dept. of Veterans Affairs_E11643



Economic & Revenue Forecast Council_E14019
Employees Credit Union_E10082


Freight Mobility Strategic Investment Board_E13003


Gambling Commission_E10660
Governor's Office of Indian Affairs_E13011

Health Care Authority_E13854
Health Care Authority_E13862
Health Care Facilities Authority_E13029
Historical Society (Capital Museum)_E11890
Horse Racing Commission_E13045
House of Representatives_E10330
Human Rights Commission_E13052


Intercity Transit_E11403
Investment Board_E13078


Joint Legislative Audit and Review Committee_E12054
Joint Transportation Committee_E14027


Kaiser Permanente_E10538


Law Library_E13086
Legislative Evaluation & Accountability Program_E14003
Legislative Evaluation & Accountability Program Committee_E13094
Legislative Service Center_E12088
Legislative Service Center_E14000
LEOFF Plan 2 Retirement Board_E13102
Liquor and Cannabis Board_E10140


WA State Arts Commission_E11924
WA State Lottery_E13110
WA State Lottery_E13128
WA State Patrol_E12252
WA State Patrol_E13250
WA State Patrol_E13268
WA State Patrol_E13276
WA State Patrol_E13342
WA State Patrol_E13714
WA State Patrol_E13920
WA State Senate_E10017
WA State Supreme Court_E13722
Washington Health Benefit Exchange_E13953
Washington State University_E11593
Washington State University_E13458
Washington State University_E13466
Washington State University_E13482
Workforce Training and Education Coord. Brd._E11627