Why is my household assigned a specific travel date?
The goal of this study is to fully understand travel patterns and preferences throughout the South Sound region, and a first step is to understand all travel on a specific day. For many people their assigned travel date will be a normal day. For others, it will not be a typical day but we still need your participation. Just as all types of travel (walking, biking, transit, driving, etc.) are important, so are all types of days.

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1. What is the purpose of the study?
2. How will the study results be used?
3. How was I selected to participate?
4. Why should I participate?
5. My travel on my assigned day isn’t “typical” – should I still participate?
6. I don’t travel very much – should I still participate?
7. How is my personal privacy protected?
8. What will I get for participating?
9. What do I use the “Travel Log” for?
10. Why is my household assigned a specific travel date?
11. For the purpose of this study, what is a trip?
12. Can you share some example trips?
13. Should my children participate?
14. What is a household?