Thurston County Bicycle Map

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May 5, 2020 COVID-19 Notice

DNR-managed Lands to Reopen on May 5

The Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) announced that DNR-managed lands will reopen for public recreation on May 5. This will happen in conjunction with the reopening of lands managed by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife and Washington State Parks and Recreation.

The reopening will apply to state-managed parks, wildlife areas, recreation land, boat launches and natural areas. Camping and other overnight accommodations will remain closed. DNR recreation sites will be opened up as soon as possible beginning May 5. The public can find the latest information on site openings at 

Ride your Bike!

The Thurston Region offers a variety of cycling experiences for club rides and racing, recreational trails, commuting, and the best mountain biking in the South Sound. Explore or plan your next ride using Ride Thurston County, the 6th Edition Thurston County Bicycle Map.

Get your Copy

Free paper copies are available throughout Thurston County at bike shops, city halls, libraries, community centers, colleges, and several other locations. We are happy to help you obtain your copy – give us a call: 360-956-7575 or email

Mobile friendly electronic maps:

  • Bike Route Planner – Enter an origin and destination and TRPC’s online route planner will present a map with turn by turn directions, distance, estimated travel time, and an elevation profile of alternate routes to get you where you want to go! 
  • Download a GPS compatible map to use with the Avenza Maps app to track your location without mobile wireless service.
  • View the full map online or download a PDF version 

Ride Carefully and Responsibly

TRPC and our partners do our best to provide cyclists current and accurate information on bike routes and facilities. The map shows trails, bike lanes, wide shoulders, and routes commonly used by cyclists. Bicycling has risks and riders should always be aware of the weather, traffic conditions, road and trail debris, and normal roadway wear and tear. Check out our safety tips to learn how to have a safer more enjoyable ride. If you see a hazard, report it. Learn and respect the rules of the road. Traffic laws are designed to keep all users safe. Whether biking, walking, or driving a car, everyone must obey signs, traffic signals, and speed limits to live on to ride another day. View the bike map disclaimer.
Image of wet shoulder along roadway, with speed limit sign

Electric Assist Bicycles or Ebikes

Ebikes are growing in popularity as an electric motor can make it easier for more people to enjoy the benefits of bicycling. A motor can also extend the distance, hill climbing, and cargo handling capabilities of a bike. In 2018, the Washington State Legislature passed SB 6434 to establish a legal framework for local governments to establish rules for ebike use and establish certainty for the ebike industry. 

The Cascade Bicycle Club offers clear guidance and information about the use of ebikes in Washington State: Ebike Frequently Asked Questions

It’s all about Performance…

Performance isn’t just about speed, strength, and endurance. It’s about having fun and maximizing your cycling experience to serve your needs. Whether you’re ready to get fitted for a custom frame or you’re looking for gear to make your commute easier, staff and mechanics are ready to help you satisfy all your bicycling needs. Find a bike shop on the map near you.

Get Involved

Cycling isn’t just a means to an end - for many it’s a lifestyle. Several clubs and organizations offer opportunities to get involved with advocacy, fitness rides, social rides, or trail stewardship.

Our Partners

The Thurston County Bicycle Map is produced and maintained by Thurston Regional Planning Council with support from the following partners:

Bucoda, Lacey, Olympia, Rainier, Tenino, Tumwater, Yelm, Thurston County, Intercity Transit, Experience Olympia & Beyond, Safe Kids Thurston County, the Washington State Department of Transportation, and many others.