Corridor Studies and Research

District/Corridor Study Reports

LocationReport/ Study Download/Link
OlympiaUrban Design, Streetscape, and Sustainable Development Best Practices for Downtown Olympia, 2009Report (PDF)
TumwaterBrewery Visioning Project, 2011Report (PDF)
TumwaterBrewery Action Plan, 2011Plan (PDF)
LaceyWoodland District Strategic Plan, 2013Plan (PDF)
TumwaterBrewery District Plan, 2014Plan (PDF)
Appendices (PDF)
TumwaterCapitol Boulevard Design Guidelines, 2014Guidelines (PDF)
OlympiaMartin Way Study Final Report, 2014Report (PDF)
RainierMain Street 507 – Rainier’s Binghamton Street, 2016Preliminary Layout Plan (PDF)
Proposed Funding and Phasing (PDF)
TeninoMain Street 507 – Tenino’s Sussex Avenue, 2016Preliminary Layout Plan (PDF)
Proposed Funding and Phasing (PDF)
OlympiaCity of Olympia Downtown Strategy, 2017Olympia Downtown Strategy webpage

Market/Economic/Land Use Studies

LocationReport/ Study Download/Link
RegionalCreating Walkable Neighborhood Districts, 2009Report (PDF)
OlympiaProforma Analysis for ½ block in downtown Olympia, 2009Report (PDF)
OlympiaOlympia Downtown Implementation Strategy/ Toolkit, 2009Toolkit (PDF)
OlympiaCity of Olympia Downtown Housing Study, 2010Report (PDF)
RegionalRegional Housing Market Study, 2011Presentation (PDF)
Report (PDF)
RegionalRegional Commercial Market Study Thurston County Disitricts, 2012Presentation (PDF)
Introduction (PDF)
District Profiles (PDF)
Case Studies (PDF)
TumwaterCapitol Boulevard Plan Market Analysis, 2012Analysis (PDF)
TumwaterCapitol Boulevard Plan Feasibility Analysis (evaluation of opportunity sites), 2012Analysis (PDF)
TumwaterOlympia Brewery Property Economic Analysis (see page 24)Analysis (PDF)
LaceyWoodland District Strategic Plan Market Analysis, 2012Analysis (PDF)
LaceyWoodland District Plan Feasibility Analysis (evaluation of opportunity sites), 2013Analysis (PDF)
OlympiaInvestment Strategy - City of Olympia Opportunity Areas, 2013Summary Report (PDF) 
Market Analysis Overview (PDF)
 Appendices outline development incentives (PDF)
TumwaterBrewery District Plan Development Opportunity Study, 2014Report (PDF)
Lacey, Olympia, TumwaterLacey, Olympia, Tumwater Corridor Atlas, 2014Corridor Atlas (PDF)
TumwaterMarket Analysis for the Old Brewhouse Site, 2014Analysis (PDF)
OlympiaMartin Way Study Final Report, 2014 (Development feasibility starts on page 25)Report (PDF)
Lacey, Olympia, TumwaterValuing Downtowns and Close-In Corridors – a look at smart revenue strategies for Lacey, Olympia, and Tumwater, 20154-pager (PDF)
Thurston CountyValuing Neighborhoods – Thurston County – a look at how properties in Thurston County hold value – compares Transit oriented neighborhoods to Other Urban Neighborhoods, Suburbs, and Rural Areas, 20152-pager (PDF)
OlympiaCity of Olympia Downtown StrategyMarket Study, 2016 (PDF)
Feasibility Analysis, 2016 (PDF)

Surveys & Other Materials