Can you share some example trips?
Yes. Here are some example trips for you to think about:
  • I commuted by bus from home to work
  • I rode in my friend’s car on the way to the movies
  • I drove to the grocery store to shop
  • I walked my children home from school
  • I rode my bike to the Farmers Market
  • I walked to the deli for lunch My spouse dropped me off at the Park-and-Ride to go to work
  • I carpooled to a meeting in Seattle

Often what we think of as 1 trip is actually 2 or more trips. For example, “I stopped to buy gas and a snack on my way home from work” counts as 2 trips: 1 trip from work to the gas station and another trip from the gas station to home.

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1. What is the purpose of the study?
2. How will the study results be used?
3. How was I selected to participate?
4. Why should I participate?
5. My travel on my assigned day isn’t “typical” – should I still participate?
6. I don’t travel very much – should I still participate?
7. How is my personal privacy protected?
8. What will I get for participating?
9. What do I use the “Travel Log” for?
10. Why is my household assigned a specific travel date?
11. For the purpose of this study, what is a trip?
12. Can you share some example trips?
13. Should my children participate?
14. What is a household?