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Carpool & Vanpool

We’re used to piling the family into the car to go to the movies or run errands. Maybe you’re part of a neighborhood carpool that transports kids to sporting events.

These familiar ways of “sharing the ride” can apply to commuting as well.
Try a vanpool or carpool. Save money. Relax when its someone else’s turn to drive. Use the HOV lanes to speed your travel.

What is a Vanpool? A group of 5-15 people who commute together in a passenger van owned and maintained by a transit agency like Intercity Transit. Members of the vanpool volunteer to drive, keep the books, and coordinate vanpool activities.

Vanpooling works great for commuters traveling 10+ miles one way. Monthly fees vary depending on the number of miles driven and number of people in the vanpool. In some vanpools, drivers and coordinators pay less. Check with your employer – some worksites pay a part of the fare! Intercity Transit Vanpool

Arrange a full-time rideshare arrangement or simply find someone close to where you live or work and travel to work together once a week. can help you find partners.


Vanpool operators outside of Thurston County

Carpool Resources this free, personalized, secure online ridematch program can connect you with possible carpool or vanpool partners.

Try this Carpool Reimbursement Formula for figuring out how to share the costs of carpooling.

Shuttle Services

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