Project Groups

Community Focus Group

The community focus group is made up of various individuals and organizations that live or operate in the Rochester area.

The purpose of the community focus group is to help ensure the community’s interests and needs are identified and incorporated into planning efforts. Areas of focus include identifying safety and mobility issues, ways to improve the economic vitality of the corridor, and ways to strengthen Rochester’s identity through placemaking. 

Representative Organization
Angie Davis Resident/WSDOT
Bryan Bailey Bailey's IGA
Bryan Sanders  Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis Reservation
Charlie Slaymaker McFarland Cascade Poles
Dennis Olsen McFarland Cascade Poles
Donna Weaver Small Business Owner
George Sharp Thurston Economic Development Council
Heidi Baines Rural Transit
Jesse Gleason Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis Reservation
Kellie McNelly ROOF Community Services
Lowell Deguise Small Business Owner
Mike Southards Washington Trucking Association
Paul Counts Sheriff's Office
Rachel Palmer Resident
Robert Scott West Thurston Regional Fire Authority
Rodney Youckton Lucky Eagle Casino
Ryan Piles Boys and Girls Club
Shauna Stewart Experience Olympia
Todd Tveten Rochester Middle School
Tracy Smaciarz Small Business Owner
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  1. Katrina Van Every
    Senior Planner

    Thurston Regional Planning Council
    2411 Chandler Court SW
    Olympia, WA 98502

Technical Workgroup

The technical workgroup is made up of primarily County and WSDOT staff.  

The purpose of the technical workgroup is to provide input on the technical aspects of the project and offer recommendations to the project team. Areas of focus include improving safety and mobility and infrastructure needs.

Participant Agency
Angie Davis WSDOT Headquarters
Allison Osterberg Thurston County Planning
Chris Hawkins Thurston County Public Health, Thurston Thrives
Dennis Engel WSDOT Olympic Region
George Sharp Thurston Economic Development Council
Joseph Perez WSDOT Olympic Region
Josh Cummings Thurston County Economic Development, Resource Stewardship
Kerry Hibdon Thurston County Parks and Trails
Kyler Kokenge WSDOT Olympic Region
Mark Maurer Thurston County Water Resources
Mike Allen Rural Tribal Transit/ Transpro
Paul Brewster Thurtson Regional Planning Council
Rick Thomas Thurston Public Works
Scott Davis Thurston County Public Works
Shannon Shula Thurton County Planning
Theresa Parsons Thurston County Public Works