Who’s a fan of games? Everyone. Who’s affected by climate change? Ditto. TRPC created the board game “Resilience Road” as a fun and replicable way to teach communities about adaptation actions they can take to prepare for and adjust to floods, droughts, and other hazards worsened by climate change.
  Up to five folks may play the game simultaneously.
  The goal: All players travel the road and reach “Resilience Ridge” within 20 minutes.
  Players draw action cards to move forward and respond to “stressor setbacks.”
  Players may create their own adaptation action by drawing and playing a “wild card.”
  Cooperation is key to beating the clock and building a resilient community!
Card actions are simplified versions of those in the Thurston Climate Adaptation Plan, which TRPC developed using a science-based risk assessment and community input.

Download Resilience Road 

Print the documents below to play the game. Suggested board size: 22"x17". "Basic" cards can be used by all ages; "advanced" cards are recommended for age 12 and older. 

Board Game Rules (PDF)
Resilience Road Board Game (PDF)
Advanced Action Cards (PDF)
Basic Action Cards (PDF)
Game Pieces (PDF)
Action Reference Table (PDF)