Regional Home Sales

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The 2021 median home sale price in Thurston County was $460,500 - 24.5% higher than 2020 when adjusted for inflation. Between 2020 and 2021, the median home price increased 28% in Mason County, 24% in Grays Harbor and Pierce counties, 23% in Lewis County, and 19% in King County.

2021 marks the ninth consecutive year of increasing median home sale prices for Thurston County, and the sixth year median home sale prices for all select counties surpassed their peak in 2007.

Home prices influence where people choose to live. When home prices in Thurston County are lower than neighboring counties, people may choose to live in Thurston County and either telecommute or commute out of county for work. For 2012-2016, nearly 27% of workers living in Thurston County traveled out of the county for work. Of those, more than half worked in Pierce County (See Commutes by Destination).

Median Home Sale Price

Median Home Sale Price is the price at which half of homes sold cost less and half of all homes sold cost more.


Washington Center for Real Estate Research