Meeting Materials

Basic Training

How to become a successful Employee Transportation Coordinator (PDF)

Networking Sessions

September 2019

Agenda (PDF)
Bicycle Commuter Challenge Review (PDF)
Transit Updates (PDF)
Connect with Your Commuters Through Events (PDF)

December 2018

Agenda (PDF)
Networking Session Overview (PDF)
Winter Commuting (PDF)
Winter Travel Training (PDF)
2019 Calendar of Events (PDF)
CTR Resources Handout (PDF)

September 2018

Agenda (PDF)
Networking Session Overview
Department of Enterprise Service - Judy Lorenzo (PDF)
Vanpool Outreach (PDF)
Wheel Options 2018 (PDF)
Thurston County Bike Map_County (PDF)
Thurston County Bike Map_Urban (PDF)
Expanding Travel Options: Faster, Smarter and More Affordable (PDF)

June 2018

​Agenda (PDF)
Networking Session Overview (PDF)
Active Transportation & Community Design Initiatives (PDF)
Vanpool Update (PDF)
CTR Resources (PDF)
Calendar of Events (PDF)

March 2018

Agenda (PDF)
Networking Session Overview (PDF)
Bicycle Commuter Challenge (PDF)
Here to There Fairs & Lunch 'n Learns (PDF)
Vanpool Updates (PDF)
CTR Resources (PDF)
Calendar of Events (PDF)

December 2017

Agenda (PDF)
Networking Session Overview (PDF)
Preparing for Winter Weather (PDF)
Winter Commute Tips (PDF)
Vanpool Promotions (PDF)
2017 Report to the Legislature (PDF)
2017 State Agency CTR Report to the Legislature (PDF)
Thurston County's CTR Brochure (PDF)
Thurston County's CTR Log Entry (PDF)
Thurston County's Script for New Employee Orientation (PDF)
Thurston County's Example of CTR Monthly Email (PDF)
2018 Calendar of Events (PDF)

September 2017

Agenda (PDF)
Wheel Options 2017 (PDF)
Culture of Flexibility (PDF)

June 2017

Agenda (PDF)
Make Walking Part of Your Trip (PDF)
Bus Riding 101 (PDF)
Vanpool and Incentives (PDF)

March 2017

Agenda (PDF)
Networking Session Overview (PDF)
Use of Public Funds in State Agency CTR Programs (PDF)
IRS Commuter Benefits (PDF)
Electronic Survey 2017
2017 Annual Report & Survey Setup Form

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