Farmland Snapshot

Farmland Snapshot Infographic



1,336 Farms in Thurston County USDA Census of Agriculture (2012): Table 1
Products Grown Here Informal TRPC Survey
76,638 Acres of Farmland USDA Census of Agriculture (2012): Table 1
$485 Million in Sales $122,423,000: Market Value of Agricultural Products Sold (USDA Census of Agriculture (2012): Table 1)
$363,000,000: Food Processing Industry Gross Sales: WA Dept. of Agriculture, WA Dept. of Revenue (2013)
3,500 Jobs 2,905 Jobs in Agriculture and Natural Resources: TRPC Employment Forecast (2014)
582 Jobs in Food Processing: WA Dept. of Agriculture, WA Employment Securities Department (2013)
6,500 Acres of farmland lost to development since 2000: TRPC Analysis (2015)
22,600 Acres of farmland at risk of being lost to development: TRPC Analysis (2015)
394,000 new residents in Thurston County by 2040: TRPC Population Forecast (2015 Update)
Average Age of Farmer (Principal Operator): 58.9 Years: USDA Census of Agriculture (2012): Table 45
70% of farmland expected to change ownership in the next 20 years National Young Farmers Coalition, Farmland Conservation 2.0, How Land Trusts Can Protect America's Working Farms
$8,700 per Acre Average assessed value of vacant land in rural Thurston County (lots greater than 1 acre)
TRPC Analysis; Thurston County Assessor (2015)

$1,660 per Acre Gross income from farm-related sources (Market values of agricultural products sold + government payments + Total income from farm-related sources) / Land in farmsUSDA Census of Agriculture (2012): Table 1
$203 per Acre Net cash farm income of operation USDA Census of Agriculture (2012): Table 1
2,300 Acres of farmland preserved By land trusts in Thurston County