Public Meetings
The Port of Olympia's Real Estate Development Plan will guide growth within the New Market Industrial Campus and Tumwater Town Center districts. The Port is convening a series of public meetings to share information, gather ideas, and understand community member's interest.
NMIC/ TTC Real Estate Master Plan Schedule


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"As a member of the Advisory Committee, it's important to interact with the stakeholders to hear their concerns and visions."

"I want to know what is going on in the area where I live. I wanted to provide input."

"Thank you for invitations. Please keep reaching out to existing residential community."
Port of Olympia - NMIC/ TTC Public Meeting

The June 11 discussion covered...

  • How the properties physical/ environmental characteristics will influence development
  • What unique economic opportunities the New Market Industrial Campus and Tumwater Town Center Port districts offer the Thurston region

The public weighed in on...

  • How land is allocated for industrial, commercial, retail, and other uses
  • The design principals and concept screening process used to generate development scenarios to be prepared for the 3rd public meeting

“Development will affect our Salmon Creek Basin Neighborhood.”

“I appreciate the consideration of how the development plans impact the neighboring areas.”

“Good positive input. Well structured. Good cookies. Nice Weather. Had a super awesome fun time.”

Public Meeting 3, September 17, 2015
Agenda (PDF)
Meeting Flyer (PDF)
Evaluation Forms (PDF)
District Poster Board Presentations

Participants at the September 17 Open House Meeting discussed...

  • The four district design concepts
  • Building types, sizes, location, and intensity
  • Parking
  • Site circulation and multimodal connections
  • Stormwater facilities
  • Forest preservation
  • Open space
 “[I attended] To gain info on plans for development and Mazama Pocket Gopher habitat."

"We live in the area and care about our community."

"The current draft subdistrict plans are excellent - a good balance of specifics and flexibility."

At the January 14 meeting, participants reviewed...

  • Proposed transportation facilities
  • Future traffic volumes
  • Regional market analysis
  • The draft design concept for the entire study area
  • Detailed design concepts for the 4 districts
  • A preview of the implementation strategy
  • An overview of next steps for the Port of Olympia to implement the study's recommendations

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