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Thurston Here to There is a collection of transportation and commute alternative resources available in Thurston County. Share this site with anyone looking to explore their transportation options. assists commuters by providing free carpool, vanpool and bicycle ridematching services, bus/rail options, SchoolPool carpooling programs for parents, and information about the benefits of teleworking from home. Brochure (PDF) Flyer (PDF) 

Commuter Tools

One Bus Away
A free multi-platform phone app useful for tracking bus routes and stop in real time.


CTR Worksite Directory Map
An interactive map showing ETC contact information in the Thurston County region. 

Thurston County Bicycle Map
The online version of the popular bike map.
City of Olympia Walking Map
Free map of downtown Olympia and surrounding neighborhoods. Order copies by emailing Michelle Swanson at the City of Olympia.

Resources for State Worksites 


State Agency Guidelines 
State agencies should review WSDOT's web page on CTR for information and guidance,

Joint Comprehensive Commute Trip Reduction Plan for State Worksites in Thurston County

Governor's Executive Order: Building a Modern Work Environment 

Employee Resources

State Agency Free Emergency (SAFE) – Ride Program
SAFE Ride Coordinator Instructions

The State Agency Rider (STAR) Pass
Frequently Asked Questions

Networking in Thurston County

Since many worksite programs are similar, it's helpful to learn about other employer's programs. In Thurston County, ETCs get together at ETC Networking Sessions to discuss their programs and learn about new strategies and services. 

Visit the Networking Sessions page for dates and times.

Find nearby ETCs - Use the CTR Worksite Directory Map

CTR Worksite Directory Map
Employee Transportation Coordinators (ETCs) are encouraged to network with neighboring worksites. This interactive map is a useful tool to discover your CTR neighbors and ETC contact information in the Thurston County region. Pan, zoom, and click on the worksite points to locate the name, email, phone number, and mailing address of fellow ETCs. You can also view each worksite’s most current survey results.

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