PDF Maps App

Have you ever wanted to open your copy of the Thurston County Bicycle Map and see a little dot that indicates “You are here!” For smart phone users, now you can. 
Add the "Thurston County Bicycle Map" to the Avenza Maps app available from Avenza Systems, to track your location using the GPS functionality of your Android or iOS smart phone.

To get started:

  1. Make sure the GPS/ location capability of your smart phone is enabled.
  2. Install the "Avenza Maps" App from the Apple App Store or Google Play marketplace.
  3. Once installed, open the app and click on the shopping cart to add the map
  4. Enter "Thurston County Bicycle Map" in the search box. A link will be provided that will allow you to install the map at no charge. 

Already have the app?

Using your smart phone, click the link below to add the Thurston County Bicycle Map to your Avenza map library:


The Avenza Maps app is easy to use and provides some great functionality including:
  • Track your current location on the Bicycle Map without a mobile network connection - all you need is a GPS signal.
  • Create markers at specific locations on the map.
  • Save “tracks” that show where you’ve traveled.
  • Measure distances and much more.