Walk and Roll Program

Children walking on a city sidewalk
Building a Safe and Healthy Generation

An essential function of the Thurston Regional Planning Council is the implementation of the Thurston Regional Transportation Plan. Since 1993 that plan and TRPC members have had a keen interest in the role that trip reduction to and around schools plays in reaching plan goals for a transportation network that serves all modes of travel and functions safely and efficiently.


  • Build a generation of safe and healthy walkers, bicycle riders, and bus riders
  • Encourage regular physical activity to promote health and readiness to learn
  • Reinforce good traffic safety skills
Achieving these goals will:
  • Reduce the numbers of students driven to school
  • Relieve traffic around schools
  • Promote safety
The Healthy Kids – Safe Streets Action Plan

The Healthy Kids – Safe Streets Action Plan is the result of regional school and community stakeholder ideas and Walk and Roll demonstration project findings. The plan identifies strategies, programs and policies that address school, transportation and community health issues.
Did you know?

  • By the end of the program’s 1st year 57% of students were walking or biking to school and only 17% arrived by car.
    • At the beginning of the year 47% of students arrived by car and only 24% walked or cycled.
  • During the second year of the Walk and Roll program at Peter G. Schmidt Elementary, walk and bike trips to school increased from 10% of students to 23% of students on event days.
  • 25% of peak hour traffic is parents dropping students off at school.
  • 50% of students living within a half mile of school are being driven to school.

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