Tips for Riding rT

Services are available to the general public.

  • Wait at the bus stop or designated area.
  • Be ready to board when the bus arrives.
  • Let other passengers get off the bus before you board.
  • Allow people using wheelchairs or other mobility devices to board first.
  • You can tell the driver if you are a first time passenger or want to get off at a particular stop. Drivers can usually answer your questions.
  • Select a seat and sit down. Allow elderly or disabled riders to sit in the front seats.
  • Signal the driver about 1 block before your stop.
  • Wait for the bus to come to a complete stop before leaving your seat.
  • Be careful when exiting the bus. Once you get off, wait until the bus pulls away before crossing the street. Never cross in front of the bus – approaching motorists may not see you.