Sustainable Thurston Task Force

Purpose of the Task Force
The Sustainable Thurston Task Force is an advisory body to the Thurston Regional Planning Council. The task force facilitated a 3 year community conversation to define this region’s desired future as well as the actions and responsibilities needed to achieve it.

Agendas & Minutes
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Bucoda Alan Vanell
Housing Authority of Thurston County
Theresa Slusher
Chris Lowell
Intercity Transit
Karen Messmer
Ryan Warner
City of Lacey
Jeff Gadman
Ron Lawson
City of Olympia
Stephen Buxbaum
Nathaniel Jones
City of Rainier
Dennis McVey
City of Tenino
Wayne Fournier
Dave Watterson
Thurston County
Karen Valenzuela
Sandra Romero
Transportation Policy Board
Andy Ryder
Doug DeForest
Tumwater Tom Oliva
Joan Cathey
Washington State Department of Commerce
Janet Rogerson
Heather Ballash
Washington State Department of Enterprise Services
Michael Van Gelder
Ann Sweeney
City of Yelm
Bob Isom

Blue Ribbon Economic Development Panel
Herber Kennedy
Michael Cade
Energy Work Group
Graeme Sackrison
Ramsey Zimmerman
Health and Human Services Panel
Dennis Mahar
John Masterson
Housing Panel
Doug DeForest
Tim Seth
Local Food Systems Panel
Robert Coit
Public Outreach and Education Panel
Jackie Barret Sharar
Cynthia Stewart
North County Schools and Transportation Panel
Joan Cathey
Cynthia Pratt
South County Schools and Transportation Panel
Bret Brodersen
Water Infrastructure Panel
Chris Stearns