Sustainable Thurston

The Sustainable Thurston project began in early 2011 with a simple question for the Thurston Region's quarter-million residents: How do you want your community to look, function, and feel in 2035?

Online and in person, thousand of engaged residents helped the Sustainable Thurston Task Force craft a regional vision of sustainable development that encompasses land use, housing, energy, transportation, food, health, and other interconnected issues. This
community conversation identified a vision for a vibrant, healthy, and resilient future, as well as the actions and responsibilities to achieve it.

New in March 2019

An Implementation Status Report for the Sustainable Thurston Plan

Sustainable Thurston Vision

  • In 1 generation - through innovation and leadership - the Thurston Region will become a model for sustainability and livability.
  • We will consume less energy, water, and land, produce less waste, and achieve carbon neutrality.
  • We will lead in doing more while consuming less.
  • Through efficiency, coupled with strategic investments, we will support a robust economy.
  • Our actions will enhance an excellent education system, and foster a healthy, inclusive, and equitable social environment that remains affordable and livable.
  • We will view every decision at the local and regional level through the sustainability lens.
  • We will think in generations, not years.
  • The region will work together toward common goals, putting people in the center of our thinking, and inspire individual responsibility and leadership in our residents.

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