Woodland District

Strategic Plan

The City of Lacey, in conjunction with various local partners, prepared the Woodland District Strategic Plan (PDF), which will enhance Lacey's core area as a place to gather, interact, live, shop and play.

Note: This plan was adopted by the Lacey City Council on July 25, 2013.

Background Information

The City of Lacey and the Thurston Regional Planning Council partnered on a study to support the revitalization of the Woodland District. This study sought to transform the district, the area bound by Sleater-Kinney Road, College Street, and Interstate 5 and Pacific Avenue, into a vibrant mixed-use district, linking residential homes, offices, service uses, and parks with paths and walkways.

Excellent Candidate for Transformation

The recent departure of the state offices from the area has left a number of vacant office buildings and diminished the vitality of the district. Given these vacancies and the amenities available in the district, the city and the Thurston Regional Planning Council have deemed the Woodland District as an excellent candidate for transformation.

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