Main Street 507: Rainier's Binghampton Street


For Rainier, Main Street 507 is a project to identify solutions to traffic congestion at Centre and Minnesota (on Highway 507), and improve pedestrian safety and aesthetics in downtown Rainier.

Beginning in the winter of 2013, a number of meetings and open houses were held to guide this process. Members of the public, elected officials, and other stakeholders identified existing problems and conditions, goals for the project, and the stakeholders’ vision for Rainier’s main street.

As a result of this input, Rainier has realized a number of benefits from this project, including the following:

  1. Creation of a Downtown Sketchbook.

    The Downtown Sketchbook, prepared based on community feedback gathered in 2013 and 2014, has been incorporated into the land use chapter of the Comprehensive Plan. Concepts embedded in this plan include constructing road improvements that balance the need to move people through Rainier while contributing to a sense of place aid in downtown; improving walking and biking amenities, beautifying the community, and having more activities in the area.
  2. Preparation of a Street Tree Plan.

    Washington Forestry Consultants, Inc. prepared a street tree plan for the city. The Plan includes an inventory of existing street trees and recommendations for maintenance, planting, and modifications to existing streetscapes. Rainier is working on more fully incorporating this plan into its development regulations.
  3. Binghampton Street/SR 507 Improvements.

    KPG prepared a preliminary layout plan and cost estimate for improvements to Binghampton Street. The project area spans from Binghampton Street’s intersection with Alaska Street to Idaho Avenue. The preliminary layout plan proposes installing a roundabout at the intersection of Centre Street and Binghampton Street; improving sidewalks and on-street parking the length of the project; and installing bulbouts and other traffic-calming devices to slow traffic as it moves through the community. The proposed improvements have been incorporated into the Comprehensive Plan.

Learn More

View the Downtown Sketchbook, which has been incorporated into Rainier’s Comprehensive Plan (see page LU-6)
Rainier Comprehensive Plan (PDF)
View the Street Tree Plan:
Rainier Street Tree Plan (PDF)

View the Concept:
Preliminary Layout Plan (PDF)
Proposed Funding and Phasing (PDF)

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