Agency Vision, Mission, and Values


The Thurston region will become a model for sustainability and livability. Our residents will enjoy accessible, efficient, and effective, multimodal transportation on a system that is integrated regionally, maintained for longevity, and minimizes its impacts on the region’s environment. Our collective work will preserve environmental quality, consume less energy and water, sustainably use lands, produce less waste, and advance our climate targets. We will support our economic development partners to foster a vibrant economy. Our actions will enhance an excellent education system, cultivate a healthy environment, and foster a diverse, inclusive, and equitable community that remains affordable and livable. We will think in generations, not years. The region will work together toward common goals, making decisions with integrity, and holding ourselves accountable to all Thurston region residents.


Provide visionary, collaborative leadership on regional plans, policies, and issues for the benefit of all Thurston region residents.

To support this mission, we: 

  • Conduct regional transportation planning consistent with state and federal requirements 
  • Address growth management, environmental quality, economic opportunity, and other topics to sustain and enhance the region’s quality of life.
  • Assemble and analyze data that support informed local and regional decision making 
  • Act as a “convener” to build regional consensus on issues through information and inclusive public involvement.
  • Build intergovernmental consensus on regional plans, policies, and issues in support of local implementation.


Accountability: We are responsible to each other and the Thurston region residents. We conduct equitable, objective, impactful, and timely transportation, land use, community, and environmental planning.

Integrity: We are stewards of the region’s land use and transportation interests.  We deliver on our promises, are transparent in our decisions, efficiently use funding, are guided by ethics and fairness, and we adapt to changing information and circumstances. 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: We seek to address systemic racism and all intersections of oppression and promote policies that account for inequities in our community.

  • We accept our responsibility to make the Thurston Region a community where all people are welcomed, secure, and valued; 
  • TRPC will promote policies and conduct that reflect a commitment to, and accountability for, racial and social justice-equality.

Sustainability: Our region’s quality of life stems from our environment.  We strive to preserve, protect, and enhance the built and natural environments of the region for the benefit of generations to come.

Collaboration: We come together around shared interests and work strategically together - across disciplines and jurisdictional boundaries - to identify opportunities, address gaps, and implement strategies.