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The Thurston Region is vulnerable to many natural, technological, and human-caused hazards that lead to disasters and emergencies. Disasters aren’t bound by community boundaries, and responding to them must be a cooperative effort between the jurisdictions across Thurston County. 

TRPC, in partnership with Thurston County Emergency Management, convened a Disaster Recovery Council from January - July 2022 to create a Disaster Recovery Framework for the Thurston Region.

Disaster Recovery Council

The Disaster Recovery Council is the multijurisdictional council that advises the development of the Thurston Region Disaster Recovery Framework. The Council is made up of representatives from local jurisdictions in the Thurston Region, and was created to accomplish several tasks:

  • Create a work plan to establish a Recovery Manager’s Office (RMO) and Recovery Task Force (RTF)
  • Update the Thurston Region Disaster Recovery Framework with Recovery Support Functions (RSFs) and a governance structure
  • Identify next steps for pre-disaster recovery planning

Read the Disaster Recovery Council's final report and recommendations.


Disaster Recovery Framework

In February 2019, several partners in the region participated in an Integrated Emergency Management Course that involved the preparation of a Thurston Region Disaster Recovery Framework. A Disaster Recovery Framework (DRF) is a guiding document that outlines the way that local governments can leverage federal and state support and work with community partners to recover quickly and efficiently from disasters. The framework is broad enough to meet disaster needs whether the region is facing widespread impacts from a major earthquake or a smaller scale disaster like an isolated thunderstorm.

As part of the Disaster Recovery Council's 2022 work program, the Thurston Region Disaster Recovery Framework has been updated with new Recovery Support Functions and an expanded recovery structure. 

Note: This framework is an ad hoc regional recovery framework. The document has not been tested in a real-world scenario and there is no local agency agreement or memorandum of understanding that binds jurisdictions and community partners to the framework.


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