Regional Transportation Plan Amendments

Thurston Regional Planning Council has opened the annual amendment cycle for the Regional Transportation Plan (RTP).  

What’s the deadline for submitting a proposed amendment?

Requests for amendments must be received no later than 4:30 pm on November 9, 2022. 

What types of amendments will be considered?

  1. Required Amendments. Amendments to the RTP required by state or federal law.  This includes amendments that are only required once another amendment triggers the state or federal amendment’s implementation.  If necessary, amendments required by state or federal law may be considered outside of the annual update process.
  2. Project List Amendments. Amendments to the Regional Project List must meet the following criteria:
    1. Type. The proposed amendment is either a new project to be included in the RTP or an unimplemented project to be removed from the RTP.
    2. Sponsor. The proposed amendment is sponsored by the jurisdiction(s) responsible for implementing the project.
    3. Planning Consistency. The proposed amendment is consistent with the jurisdiction’s adopted planning documents, including but not limited to the Comprehensive Plan, Capital Facilities Plan, or other relevant planning document.
    4. Concurrence. The proposed amendment has the concurrence of all affected jurisdictions (for example, locally proposed investments on state-owned facilities would need to have WSDOT concurrence).

How do I Submit an Amendment Proposal?

Provide a proposed amendment in writing.  At a minimum, you must indicate the type of amendment being proposed, who the sponsor is, how the amendment is consistent with adopted planning documents, and include concurrence from all affected jurisdictions, if applicable. 

Amendments may be emailed to Katrina Van Every at

2022 Amendment Process

September 30, 2022Call for Amendments Issued
November 9, 2022Request for amendments due to TRPC staff. Requests must be made in writing and received by 4:30 pm
December 15, 2022
List of proposed changes announced at Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)
January 11, 2023List of proposed changes announced at Transportation Policy Board (TPB) meeting; TPB review of amendments
January 13, 2022List of proposed changes announced at Council meeting
January 20-February 3, 2022Public Comment Period
March 3, 20231st review of proposed amendments at Council
March 8, 2023TPB issues recommendation
April 7, 2023Council considers adoption of amendments