2018 - 2020 Federal Funding Call for Projects


Public Comment Period for Grant Proposals Closed

Thurston Regional Planning Council (TRPC) conducted a call for projects to award a total of $1.7 million in federal funds to eligible transportation projects and programs throughout Thurston County. Selected projects must be able to obligate for federal fiscal years 2018 and 2020. This call for projects offers funding from two grant programs administered by TRPC:
A total of 11 project proposals have been submitted. TRPC and the Transportation Policy Board will review proposals in December and January, with a final decision by TRPC on January 5, 2018.

Process Schedule


The STP and CMAQ project application and selection processes follow the same schedule. The following dates and deadlines apply to all three programs.
Date   Activity
October 6   TRPC Approves Call for Projects Process
October 11   TPB Briefed on Process
October 10–27   Application Period
November 3   TRPC Status Briefing
November 9   TAC Review
November 13–27   Public Comment Period
December 1   TRPC Status Briefing
December 1   TPB Receives Proposals
December 13   TPB Proposal Review and Recommendation
January 5   TRPC Reviews and Awards Projects

Background Information

TRPC is an important partner in the transportation planning process. As a council of governments comprised of elected officials from cities, the county, tribes, Intercity Transit, school districts, colleges, and a variety of local government special purpose districts, TRPC offers broad representation to decision making on regional transportation priorities.

In its role as a federally designated Metropolitan Planning Organization and a state designated Regional Transportation Planning Organization, TRPC endeavors to make its Regional Transportation Plan as inclusive and forward thinking as possible. To assist the region in fulfilling its long-range transportation planning goals in both the urban and rural areas of Thurston County, TRPC has authority to program discretionary federal funds to transportation projects, programs and services that serve local communities.

This call for projects is part of TRPC’s continuous, coordinated, and comprehensive approach to regional transportation planning.