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TRPC and Thurston County 
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Thurston County is updating plans that will guide future development in Rochester. Your participation is important so that we can identify ways and opportunities to: 
  • Improve travel for everyone
  • Strengthen community identity and placemaking
  • Encourage economic vitality

TRPC y Thurston County
Quieren Oír de Usted

Thurston County está actualizando el plan que guiará el desarrollo urbano de Rochester en el futuro. Su participación es muy importante para que podamos identificar formas y oportunidades de
  • mejorar el tráfico y transporte para todos
  • fortalecer el sentimiento comunitario y la creación de entornos urbanos
  • fomentar el desarrollo económico
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Main Street Rochester is an effort to address SR 12’s dual role as a regional highway and as Rochester’s Main Street.  This project has developed in response to requests from Rochester area residents to address safety and mobility concerns, infrastructure needs, and improve the economic vitality of the corridor while strengthening Rochester’s identity.  The project focuses on four areas of concern:
  • Transportation, Safety, and Mobility
  • Infrastructure Investments
  • Economic Vitality
  • Placemaking

June 2017 through January 2019

The life of the project is anticipated to run from June 2017 through January 2019. Thurston County will also be undertaking a review and update of the Grand Mound and Rochester Subarea Plans, and the Main Street Rochester project will be incorporated into that update.  To learn more view Thurston County’s update process.

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This project will result in three reports that will be delivered to Thurston County and Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT).
  • Current Conditions Report.  The current conditions report will detail existing conditions in the study area and include the results of a technical evaluation, regulatory code audit, and public outreach, including business, community, and school surveys.
  • Action Plan.  The action plan will outline strategies to address the concerns raised in the current conditions report, identify specific infrastructure improvements the County and WSDOT can undertake to improve conditions, and design visualizations that demonstrate how improvements can impact the study area. 
  • Final Project Report.  The final project report will summarize the project and include preliminary planning estimates for priority infrastructure improvements identified in the action plan.

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