Sustainable Thurston Report Card

The Economy section looks at whether the region is growing in a way that supports all residents.

How well is the Thurston Region...

1. StormyIncreasing the number of jobs per household.

Outlook: Stormy, concerns for the future. View the supporting data.
2. Partly SunnyDecreasing the unemployment rate.

Outlook: Partly sunny, future uncertain. View the supporting data.
3. SunnyIncreasing average wages.

Outlook: Sunny, future looks bright. View the supporting data.

Related Goals

Related Sustainable Thurston Priority Goals

  • Priority Goal 6: Ensure that residents have the resources to meet their daily needs.
  • Priority Goal 7: Support local food systems to increase community resilience, health, and economic prosperity.
  • Priority Goal 9: Move toward a carbon-neutral community.

Related Sustainable Thurston Economy Goals

  • Goal EC-1: Coordinate economic development efforts to attract and retain businesses and jobs.
  • Goal EC-2: Foster industry clusters to create jobs, and increase revenue circulation locally.
  • Goal EC-3: Create an innovation culture to encourage entrepreneurship.
  • Goal EC-4: Provide robust infrastructure to support economic development.
  • Goal EC-5: Ensure adequate supply of shovel-ready land along primary transportation corridors and invest in commercial and industrial redevelopment.
  • Goal EC-6: Foster a progressive education system to match worker skills with employer needs.