Annual Reports

The Annual Report describes your worksite's CTR program, amenities, and contact information. 
Annual Reports
CTR Requirement - 2016 Annual Report is due March 31, 2016.  

It is time to complete and submit your 2016 Annual Reports. The Annual Report is a legal requirement for all CTR affected worksites located in Thurston County. Please see the last page of the report for submittal instructions.

2016 Annual Report (PDF)
Worksite I.D. Numbers (PDF)
Worksite I.D. Numbers (Excel)

TRPC reviews Annual Reports to evaluate the effectiveness of your worksite's CTR program. The report form collects information such as:
  • How you communicate and distribute information to ETCs 
  • What types of subsidies and incentives you may have 
  • What kind of onsite amenities are available that would promote CTR 
  • Do you offer flexible schedules or telework, etc.
  • Are you meeting the mandatory requirements, such as displaying your contact information in a prominent location.