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What actions do you think folks should take to prepare for and cope with climate change? Your input will help shape the Thurston Climate Adaptation Plan.

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Thurston Climate Adaptation Plan 
Monday, April 17, 2017

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The Plan


Storms. Wildfires. Droughts. Floods… We face such natural hazards today, and climate change is projected to make them worse tomorrow. The Thurston Regional Planning Council is developing a plan to help the region reduce, prepare for, and cope with the effects of climate change — a practice known as “adaptation,” so that we remain resilient. 

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The Problem


Human activities — such as burning fossil fuels to produce electricity — are changing the earth’s climate by increasing atmospheric concentrations of heat-trapping gases. This process is known as the “greenhouse effect.” It increases air and water temperatures, shifts precipitation patterns, raises sea levels, and poses many risks for our human and natural systems — everything from our urban waterfronts and rural forestlands, to our salmon runs and shellfish beds. 

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The Opportunity


Climate change is a quality-of-life concern for us and generations to come. Fortunately, our future is not yet written. We have an opportunity today to assess our vulnerabilities and develop adaptation actions that will make us resilient tomorrow. TRPC is uniquely qualified for this effort, as our mission is to assemble stakeholders, analyze data, build consent for regional plans, and support local action. We’re all in this together, so help us decide how, when, and where to take action.