Other Transportation...

  1. Journeys

    Journeys is an annual recap of regional transportation highlights in Thurston County.

  2. Household Travel Survey

    The TRPC and partner planning agencies conducted a study to better understand residents' travel patterns and attitudes about transportation.

  3. Public Transit & Human Services Transportation

    Federal transportation legislation requires the Thurston Regional Planning council to coordinate a plan of human service transportation.

  4. Rail Planning

    While updating the Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) in 2004, Thurston Regional Planning Council (TRPC) also established a rail work program.

  5. Transportation Technologies (ITS)

    ITS stands for Intelligent Transportation Systems, the advanced technology used to make transportation safer and more efficient.

  6. Travel Demand Modeling

    A Travel Demand Model is a set of mathematical procedures and equations that represent the variety of transportation choices people make, and how those choices result in trips on the transportation network.

  7. Thurston Regional Trails Plan

    The Regional Trails Plan offers a vision for a region-wide trail network that connects people with places not just within Thurston County, but also looks beyond its borders for potential connections with neighboring counties. The plan is foremost a trail systems blueprint. It illustrates through maps and user-friendly narratives how multiple trails can connect.