Tenino & the Main Street 507 Project

The City of Tenino is considering methods to enhance the economic vitality of downtown Tenino.

As part of the Main Street 507 project, the community is studying how best to balance the roles of Sussex Avenue (S.R. 507) as a Main Street and a State highway. Fundamental goals of the project include:

  • Enhancing the character of downtown and amenities within the area to encourage a more vital business district.
  • Improving safety at the Old Highway 99 and Wichman Avenue intersections on Sussex Avenue (SR 507).
  • Preserving the capability of SR 507 to handle through traffic, while reducing the speed of traffic (or the negative impacts associated with traffic) in town.
  • Improving methods for pedestrians to safely cross SR 507.
  • Enhancing pedestrian space for residents and visitors in the downtown.
Learn More
Tenino Main Street Characteristics (PDF) - View some of the existing characteristics of downtown Tenino.
Alternatives for Intersections in Tenino (PDF) - View some of the alternatives for the Wichman, Ritter, and Old Highway 99 intersections with Sussex Avenue.

Concept for Sussex Avenue:
     Tenino Main Street Concept (PDF)
     Tenino Main Street Concept - Downtown Detail (PDF)
     Tenino Main Street Concept – Design Details (PDF)

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