Firm Size

  1. Firms by Number of Employees
  2. Employment by Firm Size
Source Washington State Employment Security Department
Data Table Firm Size
Explanation In 2015, businesses with fewer than 10 covered employees accounted for about 81% of the total firms located within Thurston County.

Those same businesses, however, employed only about 15% of all covered employees in Thurston County. The majority of employees (51%) worked for firms with 100 people or more.

Covered Employment

“Covered employment” measures all employed persons covered under the Unemployment Insurance Act. The measure accounts for approximately 75% of the total employment in Thurston County, and includes both part-time and temporary positions. Job categories not measured in the count include self-employed workers, proprietors, CEOs, military, and other non-insured workers. If a worker holds more than one job, each position is reported separately.

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