Per Capita Personal Income

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SourceU.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Local Area Personal Income and Employment
Data TablePer Capita Personal Income by County
ExplanationReal per capita personal income in Thurston County has risen since at least the 1970s, although the effects of the economic recession slowed growth in the late 2000s. Real per capita incomes peaked in 2008 (at $45,193 in 2015 dollars), which is still higher than the real per capita income in 2015 ($44,155).

Per Capita Income

Per capita personal income is determined by dividing Thurston County’s total personal income (or the income received from most major sources, including earned income, dividends, interest, rent, and transfer payments) by its population. This measure gives an average income for all residents, including children, retirees, and people who are unemployed.

Per capita personal income is often expressed in “nominal” or “real” dollars. Nominal dollars represent the actual dollar value at the point in time for which the income was measured and do not include the effects of inflation. Real, or constant, dollars account for inflation and can be used to compare the buying power of money at two different points in time.

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