Thurston County Home Sales

  1. Average Home Sale Price by Bedrooms
  2. Average Days to Home SaleĀ 
  3. Number of Housing Units Sold by Bedrooms
SourceNorthwest Multiple Listing Service
Data TableAverage Home Sale Price
Average Home Sale Price (Inflation-adjusted)
Number of Housing Units Sold
Average Days to Sale
Explanation4,971 homes were sold through the Northwest Multiple Listing Service (NWLS) in Thurston County in 2016, with an average sale price of $283,272. Olympia has been the city with the highest home sale price since 2000 except in 2004 when it was narrowly passed by Tumwater (Tumwater's $228,632 to Olympia's $227,605).

Although average home sale prices have been on the rise since 2012, they have not yet reached the peak of $335,534 seen in 2007.

Three-bedroom houses accounted for about 58% of the total home sales in 2016, with an average price of $265,602. Four-bedroom homes accounted for 27% of home sales, with an average price of $330,356.

2016 is now tied with 2005 for the lowest average days to home sale, at 47 days. Homes in Bucoda, Yelm, and Olympia sold the fastest, with homes on the market for an average of 24, 44, and 46 days respectively.
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