Partnerships & Support

The Needs of Joint Base Lewis-McChord
Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM) is a partner in improving mobility on Interstate 5. As the single largest employer in Pierce County and the 3rd largest in Washington State, JBLM plays an important role in our communities. We have to acknowledge that JBLM is unlike any other employer on this corridor. That is why special focus is being targeted on the unique needs and opportunities of the military base.

The South Sound Military and Communities Partnership that emerged from the coordinated growth planning process will serve in an advisory capacity to the project. Read more about these initiatives by visiting the Transportation Research Board website.

From Billions to Millions
Dollars, that is. There’s no question that Interstate 5 needs major upgrades. Most of the bridges and interchanges in the vicinity of JBLM were built before 1960; the highway can’t be widened without rebuilding most of them and that will take a lot of time and even more money. We don’t have either right now. We need solutions that cost millions – not billions – and we need them today! That is why communities along the I-5 corridor support the JBLM / I-5 Congestion Relief Action Plan as a responsible interim strategy for improving mobility.

Congestion in the News
Interstate 5 congestion in the vicinity of JBLM regularly makes the news. Read a selection of stories about the effects on south sound communities and the base, and strategies to mitigate the impacts.