About Us

Thurston Regional Planning Council is a public agency that is governed by a council comprised of elected and appointed officials from jurisdictions and organizations in the Thurston region. The agency – as well as the council – are often referred to as “TRPC.” To distinguish between the two, we will often use the “TRPC” when referring to the organization, and the term “Council” when referring to the elected and appointed members of TRPC. 

As a regional council of governments in Thurston County, Washington, Thurston Regional Planning Council helps make the region an extraordinary place to live, work and play. Thurston Regional Planning Council (TRPC) fosters the region’s livability through collaborative, informed planning. It carries out regionally focused plans and studies on topics such as transportation, growth management, and environmental quality. Decision-makers from 21 jurisdictions and organizations in Thurston County make up the council, which meets monthly to address challenges related to the region’s growth.

TRPC also provides information and education regarding the region and its emerging planning issues. Regional statistics, trends, analyses, and maps provide a basis for planning and decision-making on both the regional and local levels. A variety of council-sponsored community forums relating to regional planning help to educate and promote public participation and dialogue.
  1. Council Overview

    Find information about TRPC's goals and priorities, legislative initiatives, non-discrimination policies and public engagement objectives. Also includes a list of participating agencies and links to their websites.

  2. Services

    TRPC provides planning services on a contracted basis for some of its members. We also develop and maintain transportation modeling and GIS mapping capabilities.

  3. Grants

    Find resources regarding grant opportunities and grants awarded by TRPC.

  4. Advisory Boards & Committees

    Includes descriptions of the Regional Council, as well as other advisory boards and sub-committees that inform their work.

  5. Transportation Administration

    Information related to TRPC's role in coordinating and funding the region's transportation planning activities. Describes our role as a Metropolitan Planning Organization as well as a Regional Transportation Planning Organization.

  6. Finances & Funding

    Includes background information on the various sources of funding for TRPC's activities.

  7. Policies

    Thurston Regional Planning Council is committed to fostering an environment of inclusion.

  8. Diversity Resources

    The Council recognizes the value of diversity as it relates to the agency's work in the Thurston Region.

  9. Contact Us

    TRPC Staff directory

  10. Staff Intranet

    Where staff go to find HR info, Agency Policies, Personnel Policies and the like.