Population & Employment Forecasting

TRPC develops updated population and employment forecasts every three to five years.  These forecasts are used for transportation, sewer, water, land use, school, and other local governmental planning purposes.  They are also used by the private sector for business planning.  TRPC has been preparing these forecasts periodically since the late 1960s.

A new county-wide forecast was adopted on July 13, 2012. Population distributions to small areas such as cities, towns, tribes, school districts, etc. were adopted on July 10, 2015. Employment allocations were adopted on July 10, 2015.

2015 Update
  • TRPC extended the population and employment allocations to cities and towns to the forecast year 2040. 
  • For the population forecast, this is simply an addition of the forecast horizon 2035-2040 – all other forecast years remain the same.
  • For the employment forecast, a new base year data set (2014) led to an adjustment of the forecast years; none of the forecast assumptions were changed. 

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